Monday, March 5, 2007

astrology (part 1)...

Frankie is seven months old now. Her birthday is June 29, 2006, which makes her a Cancer. Ruling Planet: The Moon. In general, i am not the one to obsess over planetary influences and such but i just happened to glance at this great book i have, "The Ultimate Birthday Book" by Clare Gibson and thought: "wow, this is really something." The personality traits of people born on June 29, seem to largely resemble those of my little plush friend, Frankie. Their love for fun resonates with Frankie's; their quirky sense of humor-- just looking at the dog makes one smile; great imaginative powers-- she can pretend she is outside when she is actually taking a dump in my studio; and last but not least they are often stubborn, now i don't have to explain there, but maybe i will. Frankie will stay in bed no matter how many times i put her down, she just jumps right back up. She will only eat her food if she suspects one of her brothers might get into it first. She will chase grandma's cat even though she almost lost an eye, as the cat swats at her time and time again. Frankie will pretend not to hear me when its time to do something she does not want, wait maybe this falls into the great imaginative powers category. I can go on, but you get the point.

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