Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Comissioned French Bulldog Painting -- "Spanky at the Window"

Thank you Spanky and Jodi!


BRUTUS said...

Love it!! No other dog can have as great of a profile from that angle as a Frenchie!!

jodi + spanky said...

Aw, thanks Dasha! Spanky, I know, will be thrilled with his new portrait. He tells me that other than his face, this is his best side! (ha ha!) We are a HUGE fan of your art and can't wait to buy more Spanky "profiles"!!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi dasha!
we are frineds of jodi and spanky and just love the family portrait you created!
it is perfect!
it is so nice to meet you!

melissa and emmitt

Camilli Chamone said...

This is SOOO frenchie!

So curious, so "gossiping", so vivacious...

Congratulations from Brazil!